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Best Money Lesson Plans & Printables {Hands-On & FUN!}

Our Money Lesson Plans, Printables and hands-on activities are guaranteed to make learning Fun for kids. Make your math planning EASY with our MUST HAVE Teacher Resources!

Australian Money Lesson Plans Printables & Assessment For Teachers

Teaching money is one of my favourite topics to plan and teach. The kids love learning about it too!  Well actually they love playing with the money and get very excited when they get to plunge their hands into the boxes of play money. This is before the mention of a class play shop!

So why is this? If you’ve been in the teaching game a few years, then like me, maybe you have noticed that math and money in the real world has changed a lot (am sounding quite old now…hahahah… wait I am!).

I have literally been affected by these changes myself and if I check my wallet right now, I will not find any coins or notes in there! I just don’t use money like I used to! I am guilty of paying for absolutely EVERYTHING with my flexible friend!

I can’t even remember the last time I used the ATM or even set foot in the BANK! This is a sign of the times and a reminder of the importance of helping the kids to connect math to real life!

Money Lesson Plans, Printables & Activities

Money In Real Life

Gone are the days of sitting for hours sorting, stacking and counting the ‘penny’ jar and taking it to the bank. These opportunities to count coins were literally priceless (pun intended!). So many learning opportunities to work on sorting, categorising, and counting, now lost.

Sadly the changes in how we use money in real life has had a huge impact on how kids interact, handle and understand the concept of money.

Over the years I have noticed that too many kids haven’t physically handled money before our money lesson. Even worse is the decline in the number of children who have actually seen REAL coins and notes used in the shops. 

Young girl learning how to count money

Because of these changes too many kids find learning about the basic features of money, the value of coins and notes difficult. This is even before we get to equivalent amounts and giving change!

This makes learning and teaching money tricky and needs some well thought out money lesson plans, printables and hands-on activities that will help kids learn about coins, notes and money. 

How Teach Money In The Classroom

Teaching Money is broken down into 8 areas:

  1. Coin Recognition – Recognise features, describe & order coins
  2. Note Recognition – Recognise features, describe & order notes
  3. Collections – Count and order small collections of notes & coins
  4. Equivalences – Show money values in multiple ways
  5. Change – Give change to nearest 5 cents
  6. Problem Solving -Solve money word problems involving change
  7. Simple Financial Planning – simple budgets
  8. Percentage Discounts

We have used this breakdown to create a range of differentiated activities to meet the needs of the students and not just the Year level requirements.

We will be adding more lessons plans and activities for teaching NOTES as well as versions of the printables for USA, UK & Canada.  Sign up below to get notifications or just JOIN THE CLUB NOW!

Money Lesson Plans & Activities

Coin Recognition

Check out these awesome money lesson plans, printables, games and teacher worksheets. 

Our teaching coins printables have been created to make sure they cover every element for deep understandings about coins. We have also focussed on making sure the printables do no scaffold the students or inadvertently tell them the answer!  (a sheet with the title addition could be scaffolding students ability to select the correct operation to solve a problem!)

These coin printables are focussed on coin recognition and include the opportunity for students to discover:

  • Coins are different in other countries
  • The features of coins – colour, size, shape, animals or people featured
  • Which coins are worth more or less than others
  • How to sort coins according to criteria – size, shape, colour and more
  • Different coins represent different amounts
  • The size of the coin doesn’t represent the value of the coin
  • How to record coin values using, numbers, words & symbols

We will be adding more lessons plans and activities for teaching NOTES as well as versions of the printables for USA, UK & Canada.  Sign up below to get notifications or just JOIN THE CLUB NOW!

Here is the Teacher Planning Downloads, Teacher Demonstration Materials, Classroom Visuals and Assessment Tasks for teaching coins.

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Everything you need to teach the coins unit. The teacher lesson Plan includes teaching focus, Achievement Standard, grade overvies, children's books and website suggestions, activities overview
8 Different Coin Frayer Model Thinkboards. Perfect for warm uos, Lesson Closure, centers and Assessment
Classroom Posters of Australian Coins including images, words, numbers & Symbol Representations
Coin printables to print & laminate for warm-ups, including WALT/ WILF, skip counting, arrays & coin visuals for tuning in. Simply add a magnet for your own magnetic printables.
Brainstorm words for a cain word wall and use this printable to display the words in your classroom. Includes money bunting, money sayings and words.
Use this pre assessment activity to see what your kids already know about Australian Coins. Record understanding onto the Teacher Checklists. Make the Student Coin Toppers to check for understanding at the end of the lesson. When students hold up their answer rather than asking for hands up.
All you need to fully assess achievement of your students at the end of the Australian Coins Unit.

Teaching Australian Coins Activities

Printables, Activities & Worksheets For Teaching Coins

Your kids will love these hands-on engaging  math printables, worksheets, and activities. We have included so many ideas for games, jigsaws, spinner games, colour by code and there’s even a make your own mini coin book! 

One of our all time favourite resources is the Frayer model thinkboard which can also be used for assessments if you like. Read more about using thinkboards in the classroom here.

So get downloading and grab the BEST ever money lesson plans, printables & assessment lists.

Kids will love making this mini coin booklet. Each coin has it's own page and kids have to colour in the true statement about each coin. It's such a fun way to learn all the features of AUstralian coins.
9 different piggy bank sheets perfect for coin rubbing to help identify the features of Australian coins
Kids will love learning about the features of Australian coins with this fun Wanted Coins Activity. Print as A3 or A4 and laminate or as a student coin booklet!
Sorting Coins Thinkboards are great for centers, assessment and warm up activities. There are 39 different tasks in this download.
5 different Australian Coin jigsaw puzzles to help kids learn about the features of Australian Coins. Includes colour and B&W versions.
36 different variations of these coin tracing mazes. Laminate or use a reusable pocket. Students match images, money words, digits and names.
These coin recognition cards can be used in so many different ways, snap, war, matching. There's 36 written feature cards and 36 picture cards. 
These spinners add a new level to bingo math games. They're much more fun for kids to learn the features of Australian Coins. There are 4 versions available in with a decorative background or a low ink version. You decide!
Australian Coins- How Many? How Much? In this fun Piggy Bank game students will learn to: > Identify Australian Coins including colour image, Black line image, amounts written in words and symbols. > Develop their counting strategies - counting 1to1, making sure everything is counted and counted only once. Checking the count. > Work out coin amounts - skip count same coins to find a value. > Recognise that quantity doesn't equal value.
There are 3 Coin detective worksheets in this Australian Coins printables. Kids have to find, sort and colour the coins.
Students can keep track of which assessment or activity they have completed in the unit with this handy student checklist. Includes a simple self assessment of each activity

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Image & Form If Looking For A teaching Resource