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Father’s Day Superhero Craft Printable Template

Make Dad’s Day with a special Father’s Day Superhero Craft using our free printable and his favourite chocolate bar. This craft is a simple one for children to help make especially in the classroom.

Father's Day Superhero Craft Printable Image

Looking for a special homemade Father’s Day card and gift in one for kids to make? This Father’s Day superhero Craft spinner card is perfect for Dads and the classroom!

It’s amazingly simple and quick to make. Even better is that it’s kind to your Teacher budget, you don’t need to spend a lot on this one!

You’ll need just need a few simple crafting supplies and the free printable template at the end of the instructions. Both the kids and dads will love it!

Download Template Link at the END OF THE POST

Father's Day Superhero Craft For Kids

Teachers Father’s Day is just around the corner, but we have made it super easy for you to get organised this year! We know how expensive, messy and time consuming some craft activities can be in the classroom, so we have created this SUPER cute Father’s Day card & Gift in one, especially for the classroom.

It’s super quick to make, low prep and includes a low cost chocolate bar! WINNING!

What’s more we have made the Father’s Day Superhero Gift Template absolutely FREE and included  three template versions for you.

There’s one template for Super DAD and one for My Hero that will work on a full sized kit kat bar.

But if money is tight, and we know you foot the bill for way too many supplies in the classroom, so we also created a version that works on a Fun Sized Chocolate bar, so it won’t break your bank!

Please Scroll to the end of the post, after the instructions to get the FREE versions of this Cute Father’s Day Superhero Gift template! Don’t forget to share , Pin or leave us a comment.

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FREE Father's Day Card Template Craft image

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Materials For Father's Day Superhero Craft

You really don’t need much to make this SUPER Father’s Day Craft and Gift with your kids, which make it perfect for a last minute classroom craft activity. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 85g sized Kit Kat or similar chocolate bars or a bag of 17g Treat wise Kit Kat bars, depending on how far your budget will stretch
  • Double sided tape
  • Father’s Day Superhero Template (At the bottom of the post!)
  • Scissors and color pencils

Instructions For Father's Day Craft


  • Print off the Black & White Father’s Day Superhero template.

We have 2 to choose from:

  1. One A4 page ‘My Hero’ version in black & white
  2. One page A4 my ‘Super Dad’ version in black and white

There are also 2 different sizes of template to choose from. There’s an A4 sized template that has been measured and tested to fit an 85g sized Kit Kat bar or similar. Or, if your on a tight budget, there’s a template that works with the Fun sized 17g bars too.

FREE Father's Day Card Template Craft image

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Next get the student to color the template before they cut it out, it’s just easier to manipulate and there’s less chance of pieces getting lost if it’s done in this order.

We have made a space on the Father’s Day Superhero cape for the student to write something that makes their Dad a Superhero to them, like playing in the park, reading stories or watching TV together.

You may need to scribe for younger students. There’s also a space for the student to draw a picture of them and their dad.

As an alternative you can cut out the white pieces and stick them onto color card or if you’re up for a bit of a challenge the template can be painted or collaged. Then cut out the pieces

Next assemble the cape around the chocolate bar. Make sure the writing is face down on the table. Fold over  the top right & left corners of the cape to wrap around the chocolate bar. Make a crease and attach double sided tape.

Free Craft For Father's Day instructions Image

Next attach the Superhero body to the front to the chocolate bar using double sided tape. Or you can do this step first then add the cape.

Father's Day Free Template image

Finally add the head to your Superhero Father’s Day Gift!

Click the image below to ge the template for FREE!

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