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Are you on the hunt for exciting online math games that can boost addition skills in your primary classroom this Halloween season? Look no further!

Hey there, amazing educators! We all know that math class can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle, especially during Halloween week. But fret not, because we’ve conjured up some fantastic online math games that will transform addition into a bewitching learning adventure. Whether you’re teaching in Foundation or primary grades, we’ve got all the tricks and treats to show you why online games are a spellbinding way to enhance fluency, and we’ll guide you on how to use them effectively in your classroom.

Why Use Online Games for Teaching Addition Strategies?

You might be wondering, “Why should I turn to online games to teach addition?” Well, the answer is simple: they’re super fun and incredibly effective. Here’s why they’re a must-have in your teaching toolbox:

1. Engagement: Online math games are designed to be engaging and interactive. They capture students’ attention and keep them motivated to solve problems while having a blast.

2. Immediate Feedback: Many online games provide instant feedback, helping students understand their mistakes and guiding them to the correct solutions. This feedback loop is invaluable for learning.

3. Repetition and Practice: Practice makes perfect, and online games offer a perfect platform for students to practice addition repeatedly without getting bored or frustrated. The more they practice, the more fluent they become.

4. Differentiated Learning: Online games can be tailored to different skill levels, making them suitable for all primary grade levels. You can choose games that match the needs of your students.

5. Independence: Online games encourage independent learning. Students can play and practice at their own pace, which fosters a sense of autonomy and responsibility.

Classroom Applications

Now that we know why online math games are a game-changer let’s dive into how you can use them effectively in your primary classroom:

1. Warm-up Activities: Start your math class with a quick online game to warm up students’ minds and get them ready for the day’s lesson. A short, engaging game can set the tone for the entire lesson.

2. Homework or Practice: Assign online games as homework or for practice. This way, students can reinforce their addition skills outside of class, and parents can get involved too.

3. Learning Centers: Set up learning centres in your classroom where students can rotate through various activities, including online math games. This adds a dynamic and interactive element to the learning environment.

4. Reward System: Use online games as rewards or incentives. When students complete their work or achieve a milestone, offer them some game time as a reward. It’s a win-win situation!

Online math games are your secret weapons for turning addition into a delightful experience for your primary students. Incorporate them into your teaching strategies, and watch your students become confident, fluent mathematicians while having a blast. So go ahead, embrace the world of online math games, and let the addition adventures begin!

How To Play Halloween Math Online Games

To play these games you will need:

  • an internet connection & modern browser, we suggest Google Chrome
  • a digital device like an iPad, interactive whiteboard, laptop or PC
  • the Student Password to share with your students. Note – Only PAID Premium members will be able to access this Student Password

To get the Password To Share With Students:

How to use the QR Code Below

We know getting a class full of students to play the right games can be tricky so we have made it easy for them all to be in the right place at the right time with a QR Code. Simply display this page on your interactive whiteboard and get your students to scan the QR Code below. Once they scan it all the students will be directed to this Money games page and the online games you want them to play! Nifty!

Use the QR Code to help organise your students.

  • Display this page on your interactive whiteboard
  • Give your students the “Student Access Password”
  • Students scan the QR Code with their device to get to this list of Games
  • Students then Click the image of the game to play

Halloween Math Online Games

Halloween Addition Digital Games (make a 10 2 digit +2digit)
Halloween Addition Digital Games (make a 10 2 digit +2digit)

Mental Maths Addition Strategy Make a 10 (2 digit + 2 digit)

Halloween Addition Online Games Friendly & Fix (2digits +9)
Halloween Addition Online Games Friendly & Fix (2digits +9)

Mental Maths Addition Strategies - Friendly & Fix (2digit+9)

Halloween Online Math Games Count On 2 (0-20)
Halloween Online Math Games Count On 2 (0-20)

Mental Math Addition Strategy - Count on 2 (0-20)

Halloween Online Math Games Count On 1 (0-20)
Halloween Online Math Games Count On 1 (0-20)

Mental Math Addition Strategies - Count on 1

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