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Year 5 Math Vocabulary Printables

Need Year 5 Math Vocabulary Printables? You’re in the right place. Increase Student Math Vocabulary with our Printables, Posters, Online Games & Distance Learning Resources. 

By the time students have reached Year 5 the number of Math words they have seen, heard and used is in the thousands. If students don’t understand these math words their levels of mathematical achievement can be severely impacted.  But with our Math Vocabulary Resources, we’ve got you covered!

A quick 5 minute brainstorm of math words and the meaning saves a whole world of confusion and helps kids feel knowledgable and more confident about maths BEFORE they’ve even solved a math problem! 

So learning math words is a ‘MUST’ in all my math lessons! 

But don’t just take my word for it. Did you know that there’s a ton of research to support the importance of good math vocabulary and achievement levels? 

Yep! Researchers have found that spending time on building math vocabulary will have a huge impact on student achievement.

 Studies by Swan & Dunstan; Hirsh & Nation found:

  • vocabulary is connected with reading comprehension and is predictor of students’ comprehension
  • Students need to know 90-95% of the words in a text before they can comprehend that text
  • Vocabulary need to be explicitly taught first
  • Students from low socio economic areas need greater support
  • Teaching math vocabulary can help raise student achievement levels
  • Students with high vocabularies are better at mathematical reasoning

So it’s pretty clear that including math vocabulary activities is a winner!

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Year 5 Math Vocabulary Printables

To help you build Math vocabulary with your students we created resources. from EYFS – Year 6. You will find:

  • Printable Math Vocabulary Word Searches
  • Math Vocabulary Posters
  • PowerPoint Math Vocabulary Packs for use with Interactive Whiteboards, Ipads and Distance Learning Platforms
  • Online Math Words Word searches 

As well as building a bank of words the activities can be used to facilitate “Number Talks” or “Math Chats” about each mathematical concept.

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Year 5 Number & Algebra Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Number & Algebra Math Words Word Search & Answers Printables.

Number & Algebra Math Words List 1: common factor, common multiple, factors & multiples, multiply, divide, patterns, fibonacci, divisibility rules, factorise, estimation, rounding, factors, multiples, approximate, round up, round down, billion, trillion, reasonableness, thousandth.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 2: Whole Number, algorithm, balance, constant, formula, greater than, less than, equal to, remainder, symbol, equation, expression, represent, strategy, value, array, swapping, separating, product, lattice.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 3: divisor, dividend, quotient, multiply, divide, remainder, equally, share, fraction, decimal, multiple, factor, partitioning, mentally, written strategy, procedure, calculator.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 4: fraction numerator, denominator, unit fraction, fraction family, proper fraction, improper fraction, highest common factor, equivalent fraction, mixed fraction, simplify, decimal point, decimal place, decimal fraction, convert, per cent, percentage, ratio, reduced.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 5: account, expenditure, credit, profit, earn, save, income, balance, debt, loss, spend, budget, earnings, estimated cost, expense, financial plan, pay, transaction, voucher, GST.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 6: number pattern, number sequence, growing pattern, routine pattern, non routine, consecutive, balanced, equivalent, number sentence, equation, expression, term.

Year 5 Measurement & Geometry Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Measurement & Geometry Math Words Word Search & Answers Printables.

Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 1: square measure, square units, square metre, hectare, square centimetres, square kilometres, cubic metres, litres, millilitres, centimetres, metres, grams, kilograms, mass, capacity, volume, length, height, layers, width, height, surface area, perimeter, area, twenty four hour, ante meridiem, post meridiem.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 2: concave, convex, congruent, diagonal, dimensions, line symmetry, net, octahedron, shape properties, similar, tetrahedron, to view, side view, front view, net, cube, prism pyramid, triangular prism, square based pyramid, geometric solid.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 3: original image, acute, axis of symmetry, dilation, enlarge, enlargement, line of symmetry, parallel, protractor, quadrant, reduction, reflective symmetry, resulting image, rotation, rotational symmetry, x axis, y axis, reflecting, translations, proportional, congruent, congruence, similar, projection.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 4: compass, construct, diameter, perpendicular, radius, revolution, rotation, protractor, base line, centre mark, inner scale, outer scale, translate, reflect, rotate, quarter turn, half turn, clockwise, anti clockwise, upside down, line of reflection, mirror line, horizontal, vertical.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 5: transformations, translation, slide, reflection, flip, rotation, turn, symmetry, reflectional, bilateral, rotational, tessellations, multiple lines.

Year 5 Statistics & Probability Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Statistics & Probability Math Words Word Search & Answers Printables.

Statistics & Probability Math Words List 1: outcomes, likelihood, experiments, fractions, equally likely, scale, chance events, certain, chance, good chance, doubt, doubtful, fair, unfair, poor chance, no chance, probability.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 2: range, risk, reward, risky, uncertain, always, either, most likely, least likely, more popular, less popular, sometimes.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 3: questions, survey, observe, responses, open question, closed question, category, categorical, data, numerical.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 4: displays, tables, column graph, line graph, circle graph, pie graph, database, dot plots, line graph, maximum, minimum, value, cell, distribute, comparing, interpreting, data displays, data sets.

Year 5 Google Slides For Distance Learning

Click the images to download each PowerPowerpoint to use on Google Slides, Interactive Whiteboards , Ipads & for Distance Learning.

Year 5 Math Vocabulary Posters

Click the images to download the Classroom Poster Packs to go with these activities. They are a low ink version for you to print onto colour card of your choice. We have a BOHO colour theme set too on our Boho Classroom Decor Page.

Math Vocabulary ONLINE Games

For ONLINE Interactive Word Search Games Click the images below…

EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 1 Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 2 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Math Games}
Year 3 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}
Year 4 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Learning Fun}
Year 5 Math Vocabulary Games {Online FUN!}
Year 6 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}

More Math Vocabulary Resources

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