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Math Vocabulary Resources {EYFS -Year 6}

Our Math Vocabulary Resources Are guaranteed to help EYFS to Year 6 Students Learn the Language of Maths.  Printables, Posters, Online Games & Resources For Distance Learning.

Learning math is tricky and often feared, and with good reason.  Math is it’s own language, not only are there symbols, numbers and geometric images but there are words that don’t mean the same thing as they do in everyday life!

Learning the language of Maths is like learning a foreign language so it’ make sense that kids need to learn math vocabulary if they are to be successful learners. In addition to this, if students are not explicitly taught Mathematical Language they will often disregard math words in problems and only look at the numbers!

And there’s a stack of research too about the importance of teaching Math vocabulary and the impact it has on students achievement Levels.

But don’t just take my word for it. Did you know that there’s a ton of research to support the importance of good math vocabulary and achievement levels? 

Studues by Swan & Dunstan; Hirsh & Nation have found that spending time on building math vocabulary will have a huge impact on student achievement. Specifically:

  • vocabulary is connected with reading comprehension and is predictor of students’ comprehension
  • Students need to know 90-95% of the words in a text before they can comprehend that text
  • Vocabulary need to be explicitly taught first
  • Students from low socio economic areas need greater support
  • Teaching math vocabulary can help raise student achievement levels
  • Students with high vocabularies are better at mathematical reasoning

So, the best way to help students learn the Language of Maths is to incorporate Math vocabulary into your mathematics programs and incorporate a set of simple strategies into every maths lessons.

5 High Impact Math Vocabulary Teaching Strategies For The Classroom

Here’s 5  teaching strategies that you can use in your classroom to build an effective math vocabulary program for EYFS students to Year 6.

  1. Introduce vocabulary explicitly & make it a formal part of each maths lesson. Brainstorm concepts together to create word walls and ask students to use their own words to explain & describe the vocabulary

  2. Model & Demonstrate Words in Context. Displaying words in posters & word walls, without discussion or context will result in failure. Students need to see and hear YOU use the words. Model how to use use the math words during maths lessons in Think ‘alouds’ to ensure deep understanding on vocabulary and not just the memorisation of words. Remember that dictionary definitions alone are NOT enough

    3. Set Clear Expectations & let students know that you expect to see precise use of  math vocabulary during math lessons, discussions and in their work books. 

    5. Less is More – Limit the number of words you introduce and keep them concept specific.

Math Vocabulary Resources

These Math word lists are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Words have been taken from the strands, sub-strands, content descriptions and elaborations, as well as NAPLAn test materials.

The Math word lists have been organised by year level and sub strand so they can be introduced alongside new content, but we recommend revisiting previous year levels to ensure there are no gaps in vocabulary, in addition to teaching words at your year level.

Click each image to go to your year level for Printables &  Google Slides Math Vocabulary Resources.

Math Vocabulary Posters

Click each image to go to your year level. Find Classroom Posters

Online Vocabulary Games

Click each image to go to your year level to play ONLINE Math Vocabulary Word Searches