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Get ready to supercharge your phonics lessons with these awesome short e interactive whiteboard games! Say goodbye to boring drills and hello to interactive fun that will have your students excited about learning. We all know that phonics is a crucial part of reading success, and mastering short vowel CVC words is a game-changer for young readers. So, let’s dive in and discover these super cool online phonics games that will make your classroom come alive!

The short e sound is a fundamental component of phonics instruction and reading development. By teaching students to recognize and decode words with the short e sound, we equip them with essential skills to become proficient readers. These skills align with the goals of the Australian Curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of phonics and word recognition in English literacy.

By incorporating these interactive CVC words whiteboard games into your phonics instruction, you create an engaging and dynamic learning experience for your students. Watch as they eagerly participate, develop their phonics skills, and gain confidence in reading and decoding short e words. Let the fun and learning begin!

How To Play

To play these games you will need:

  • an internet connection & modern browser, we suggest Google Chrome
  • a digital device like an iPad, interactive whiteboard, laptop or PC
  • the Student Password to share with your students. Note – Only PAID Premium members will be able to access this Student Password

To get the Password To Share With Students:

How to use the QR Code Below

We know getting a class full of students to play the right games can be tricky so we have made it easy for them all to be in the right place at the right time with a QR Code. Simply display this page on your interactive whiteboard and get your students to scan the QR Code below. Once they scan it all the students will be directed to this page and the Short e online phonics games you want them to play! Nifty!

Use the QR Code to help organise your students.

  • Display this page on your interactive whiteboard
  • Give your students the “Student Access Password”
  • Students scan the QR Code with their device to get to this list of Short e Games
  • Students then Click the image of the game to play

Short e Word Lists

Here are the Short e words used in our online games:

-ed words
bed, fed, led, red, wed
-eg words
beg, keg, leg, peg
-en words
den, hen, men, pen, ten
-et words
bet, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, vet, wet, yet

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