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Looking for a quick and simple Mother’s Day card template for kids? Look no further! Our gorgeous and free Mother’s Day Card Template is the perfect choice. It requires minimal preparation and can be put together in just one afternoon.

Craft in the classroom can be super time-consuming, very messy and really expensive! It can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth! But this Mother’s Card is the perfect quick, low prep low cost and less messy solution to make in the classroom.

But if you have more time you might like our cute fingerprint flower cup with saucer is a great gift to go with the card.

It’s super easy to make, with store room supplies, just download the template and you’re all set to give this cute Mothers Day card a go!

Mother’s Day Card Instructions

Using this template is a breeze. All you need is card stock and some pop sticks to create a beautiful DIY Mother’s Day thematic craft for kids. Whether you’re making cards in the classroom or at home, this template is sure to impress. Here’s what you’ll find in the download:

  • 1x Secured PDF – 9 pages (no customizing, changing, or copy-pasting)
  • 1x A4 Card Template – print 1 per card
  • 1x A4 template including all the pieces perfect for students to colour or craft themselves – “MOM”
  • 1x A4 template including all the pieces perfect for students to colour or craft themselves – “MUM”
  • 1x A4 template including all the pieces perfect for students to colour or craft themselves – blank
  • 1x A4 Plant pots – 4 to a page – “MUM”
  • 1x A4 Plant pots – 4 to a page – “MOM”
  • 1x A4 Plant pots – 4 to a page – blank
  • 1x A4 Flower head page – 2 sets of 5 – 1 sheet is enough for 2 students
  • 1x A4 Flower stems – 25 stems per page – 1 sheet enough for 5 students – optional – use with popsicle sticks instead

To get started, download the Mother’s Day card templates and gather the necessary materials. You’ll need green popsicle sticks or natural ones painted (5 sticks per card), colour card stock, and double-sided tape.

Once you’ve chosen the templates you want to use, print enough copies and distribute them to your students. For younger students, you may want to pre-cut the pieces to make the process smoother.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to assembling the card:

  1. Start by folding the base template in half. Students can decorate the front and write their message inside.
  2. Cut out the flowerpot template and decorate it.
  3. Then fold back the tabs of the pot and attach pieces of double-sided tape onto the tabs on the flowerpot. Peel off the backing paper from the tape and attach the flowerpot to the base template.
  4. Ask students to think of five things they love about their mom and write them down. Each item will go on a separate flower. Scribe for the students or they can write the five things they love about their mum onto the flowers, one thing per flower. They can also decorate each flower.
  5. If you’re using popsicle sticks, attach a small piece of double-sided tape to each stick to create the flower stem. Alternatively, use the paper version of the stem.
  6. Peel off the paper backing from the tape and attach the stick to the back of each flower. Do this for all five flowers.
  7. Finally, place the flowers into the flowerpot on the card template. And voila! Your gorgeous Mother’s Day card is complete.

With our Mother’s Day Card Template, you’ll have a delightful and heartfelt gift that moms will treasure. Enjoy creating and celebrating this special day!

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