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Are you searching for Math Tool Kits for your classroom? Look no further! Let’s delve into the world of Math Toolkits, the secret ingredient to transforming your students into confident problem solvers.

Picture a space where math is an exciting adventure, and every student has a personal toolkit, filled with handy numbers-crunching tools.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey into the exciting blend of math and fun! After all, who said numbers can’t bring the party vibes? Come along as we unlock the treasure chest of Math Toolkits, infusing your teaching experience with a burst of math excitement!

What is a Math Tool Kit?

So, what in the world is a Math Toolkit, and why should it be on your teaching radar?

Math toolkits serve as an organizational solution for regularly used math tools and manipulatives in mathematics classes. These toolkits are designed to assist students in problem-solving and engaging in math activities.

Included in these toolkits are items such as dice, number charts, lines, number cards, counters, rulers, and various other math manipulatives. The central idea is to provide all students with a consolidated set of tools, stored conveniently in one place, making them easily accessible and portable.

The primary goal of math toolkits is to ensure that a diverse selection of tools is readily available to support students in developing skills such as reasoning, visualization, communication, and making connections with mathematical concepts and their thought processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Math Tool Kits?

Using math toolkits in the classroom offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing both the teaching and learning experiences. Here are some key advantages of using math tool kits in your classroom:

  • They grant students access to materials that enhance their conceptual understanding.
  • By reinforcing the notion that utilizing these tools fosters independence, they encourage students to evolve as problem solvers and engage in mathematical thinking and reasoning.
  • The items aid students in representing, proving, and recording their reasoning and thinking skills, showcasing their strategies and proficiency in problem-solving.
  • Crucially, they establish vital connections between concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representations of mathematics.

What’s in a Math Tool Kit?

The contents of the toolkit are tailored based on the preferences of the teacher and the requirements of the students. Math toolkits should be stocked with materials, manipulatives, and tools that find frequent use during math classes or when instruction is centred around specific concepts.

Common additions to the toolkit include dice, cards, number charts, number lines, and show-me boards with erasable markers. Rather than overwhelming students by placing all items in the kit at once, it’s more effective to introduce them gradually. Equally crucial is teaching students how to utilize these tools effectively, emphasizing that the toolkit is a valuable resource at their disposal.

Our range of math tool kits is designed to align with the progression of students through the mathematics curriculum. However, it’s essential to choose the math tools that most effectively address your students’ specific needs. Take a look below at the topics covered in each kit.

Contents List:

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Math Tool Kit 0-20
This set is suitable for EYFS and Foundation Years, it included: 5 frames, 10 frames, Double 10 frames, 1 more / 1 less comparing mat, before/after comparing mat, number grid (1-120), number cards 0-20, number fans 0-9, ty number cards, part -part -whole mats, compare & order mat, 1-10 addition ten frames, 1-10 subtraction ten frames, 0-20 ten frames cards, number paths, blank number lines, filled number lines, mini whiteboard, place value mats (10s & 1’s), dominoes 0-10, non-standard dominoes 1-10, Look & subitise mat, addition & subtraction fact family house, math symbol cards, equal sharing mats, spinners, unifix cubes, bear counters, pop sticks

Math Concepts Covered in our Math Tool Kits

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Maths Tool Kit 0-20
number identification 0-20 , counting , quantity, subitising, numbers on a number path & number line, five, ten, double ten frames, before & after, 1 more 1 less, tens & ones, number names, numerals, number sequence 1-120 grid, part-part-whole, order & and compare numbers, addition friends of 10, subtraction friends of 10, addition & subtraction fact families, equal shares 2,3,4 groups

Each of our math tool kits comprises a diverse array of math tools designed for easy printing and storage in 10x15cm photo storage containers, readily accessible at retailers like Kmart and Spotlight.

Perfect for at-home use, small group activities, or assembling a comprehensive class set, this resource is available in six vibrant colours, simplifying the task of locating missing pieces during cleanup and preventing items from getting misplaced.

For those mindful of ink usage, an ink-saving black-and-white version is also on hand, ready for printing on colored paper. Choose your preferred version and start downloading now!

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Math Tool Kits - Numbers

Math Tool Kits Numbers 0-20

Math Tool Kits Numbers 0-20

Foundation - Year 1 - Math Templates - PDF

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