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Digi Digraph Games

Welcome to our collection of Interactive Digraph Games! If you’re looking for fun and engaging online literacy activities to teach your students about digraphs, you’ve come to the right place. Our games are designed to help students learn the initial letters and sounds of digraphs in an interactive and exciting way. Get ready to dive into the world of initial and final digraphs and watch your students’ phonics literacy skills soar!

Why Our Interactive Digraph Games Are a Hit

Playing interactive games offers many benefits for students’ language development and learning experiences. Here’s why incorporating games into literacy instruction is a must!

  1. Engaging and Interactive: Our games are designed to capture your students’ attention and make learning enjoyable. They feature colourful visuals, interactive elements, and rewarding feedback to keep students motivated and engaged.
  2. Reinforces Digraph Knowledge: These games provide an opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned about digraphs in a practical and meaningful way. By playing these interactive games, they will strengthen their understanding and recognition of digraphs.
  3. Supports Independent Learning: Our games are user-friendly, allowing students to navigate and play independently. This gives you the flexibility to use these games during literacy centres, independent practice, or as a fun activity for early finishers.
  4. Aligned with Curriculum: Our games are designed to align with common curriculum standards, making them a valuable resource for reinforcing phonics skills in the classroom

Our phonics games are designed to help students learn the initial and final letters and sounds of digraphs in an interactive and exciting way and can be played on a variety of devices to suit your classroom setup and teaching preferences including:

  1. Interactive Whiteboards: Our games are optimized for interactive whiteboards, making them ideal for whole-class instruction. You can use a touchscreen whiteboard to navigate through the games and actively involve your students in the learning process.
  2. Computers and Laptops: Our games are web-based, which means they can be accessed and played on computers and laptops. Simply open your web browser, visit our website, and start playing the games directly on these devices. This allows for individual or small-group use, giving students a more personalized learning experience.
  3. Tablets and iPads: If you have tablets or iPads in your classroom, you can easily play our Interactive Digraph Games on these devices. Students can use touch gestures to interact with the games, making it a hands-on and engaging experience. This option is great for centres or independent practice.

Digraph Examples

Digraphs are pairs of letters that come together to create a single sound. These letter combinations work together to produce a unique phonetic sound that is different from the individual sounds of the letters.

There are two main types of digraphs: Initial digraphs and Final digraphs. Initial digraphs appear at the beginning of words, while Final digraphs occur at the end of words which is why you will often see the words beginning and ending used interchangeably with the terms initial and final.

Understanding and recognizing these digraphs is essential for building strong literacy skills and improving both reading and spelling abilities. Check out these digraph words list of the most commonly used initial and final digraph words and word families.

Initial Digraphs

Initial digraphs are pairs of letters that come together to create a unique sound at the beginning of a word. Beginning digraph word families include: Ch-, Sh-, Th-, Wh-, Wr-, Kn-, & Ph-

ch- digraph word examples
chair, chalk, cheese, cherry, chest, chicken, Chick, chain, cheek, chimney, chips, chirp, chocolate, church, chin, chilli, cheetah
sh- digraph word examples
shamrock, shark, sheep, shell, shirt, shoe, shovel, shut, shower, shop, share, shadow, shrimp, shirt, ship, shelf
th- digraph word examples
thermos, thirteen, three, thorn, thread, three, throne, thumb, think, thief, thermometer, throw, thirsty, theatre
wh- digraph word examples
whale, wheat, wheel, wheelbarrow, whisk, whisker, whistle, wheelchair, white, whisper, who
wr- digraph word examples
wrapper, wrap, wrinkle, wrist, write, wrong, wrinkle, wring, wrench, wreck, wreath
kn- digraph word examples
knapsack, knee, knife, knight, knit, knot, knuckle, knock, knob, kneel, knead
ph- digraph word examples
pharaoh, phase, pheasant, phone, photo

Final Digraphs

Final digraphs are pairs of letters that come together to create a unique sound at the end of a word. Ending digraph word families include: -ch, -ng, -th, -sh, -tch, -ck, & -dge

-ch digraph word examples
bench, branch, peach, torch, watch, witch, arch, beach, couch, inch, launch, pinch, pouch, punch, sandwich
-ck digraph word examples
brick, chick, clock, duck, sock, ruck, back, deck, neck, pack, peck, puck, sack, sick, shack, snack, backpack, crack, quack, trick, stick, kick, lick, knock
-dge digraph word examples
badge, bridge, fridge, fudge, hedge, judge, ledge, ridge, wedge
-ng digraph word examples
fang, ring, sling, sting, swing, wing, hang, king, long, lung, string, sing, strong
-sh digraph word examples
brush, bush, cash, crash, dish, fish, lash, mash, push, rash, rush, leash, wish, squish, trash, raddish
-tch digraph word examples
crutch, hatch, match, patch, stitch, watch, catch, stretch, itch
-th digraph word examples
bath, math, moth, mouth, sloth, tooth, wreath, booth, cloth, earth, path, south, teeth, tooth, sloth

How To Play

To play these games you will need:

  • an internet connection & modern browser, we suggest Google Chrome
  • a digital device like an iPad, interactive whiteboard, laptop or PC
  • the Student Password to share with your students. Note – Only PAID Premium members will be able to access this Student Password

To get the Password To Share With Students:

  • Log into your account & click the Students Password link in your account
  • or Go To The Student Password Page

How to use the QR Code Below

We know getting a class full of students to play the right games can be tricky so we have made it easy for them all to be in the right place at the right time with a QR Code. Simply display this page on your interactive whiteboard and get your students to scan the QR Code below. Once they scan it all the students will be directed to the games page and the online games you want them to play! Nifty!

Use the QR Code to help organise your students.

  • Display this page on your interactive whiteboard
  • Give your students the “Student Access Password”
  • Students scan the QR Code with their device to get to this list of Math Vocabulary Word Games
  • Students then Click the image of the game to play

Join us on this interactive digraph adventure and watch your students’ phonics skills soar! With our engaging and educational games, you’ll create a learning environment that is both fun and effective. Start exploring our Digraph Interactive Games Collection today and see the difference it can make in your classroom!

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