Eucalyptus Classroom Decor

Classroom Decor

These nature-inspired Australian Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Printables will add a calming natural feel to any classroom from Kindergarten to First Grade and up. The natural Gum Leaf-themed classroom decor is so flexible and can be used in endless ways around your classroom.

Use the nature-inspired classroom charts, desk labels and banners to create stand-alone accent displays to complement your existing themes. Or if you are looking to fully refresh your classroom use everything in our Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Range to create a full natural experience for your students. The soothing blue and sage green accents combined with natural linens will add an air of calm to any class making teaching and learning tranquil and peaceful for everyone!

Gorgeous natural Eucalyptus leaf classroom decor that will help bring the outside in!

Eucalyptus Classroom Decor

Like our exclusive Aboriginal Art Classroom Decor kits our Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Resources have been created so that you can add your own text using any font you like! Which means they can be adapted to suit the needs of your kids. Of course, we have created a Fun font set too if you just want to print and go, it’s up to you!

If you would like to try some fancy fonts we found a wonderful clip artist who shares their work, for free! Check out non-commercial fonts, for personal use, from KGFONTS Here!

Or, you can even load your School Font to make them work for your State. Just download, and install it onto your computer, and you’re all set!

If adding new fonts sounds way too technical you can actually use any fonts that are already on your computer, or just use the version of the pack that comes with a fun font! It’s up to you!

In our Eucalyptus Classroom Decor range, you’ll find posters, banners, labels, number charts, birthday charts, Alphabet frieze, door signs, teacher trolly labels and so much more; there are even numbers for your clock!

The gum leaf-themed classroom decoration resources are a mix of PDFs and Powerpoint files that are ready to print or edit. Just make sure you use the right software to open and print the files (not your browser).

These calming Natural Australian flora classroom decorations will help save you a ton of time setting up your classroom displays ready for back to school this year. (please note that printed colours can differ from what is shown on your screen.)

We are continuing to add more resources to this range so make sure you keep checking back to get them all!

As we have so many resources in this range we have organized them into 3 collections:

  • Eucalyptus Classroom Decor – Maths
  • Eucalyptus Classroom Decor – Literacy
  • Eucalyptus Classroom Decor – Classroom Organization

Just click the images below to start downloading!

Eucalyptus Leaves Decor

Classroom Organization Eucalyptus Theme
Classroom Organization Eucalyptus Theme

Eucalyptus Theme Organisation Printables

Literacy Eucalyptus Leaves Decor
Literacy Eucalyptus Leaves Decor

Literacy Displays - "Eucalyptus Leaves"

Maths Eucalyptus Decor
Maths Eucalyptus Decor

Maths Displays - "Eucalyptus Leaves"

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