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Looking for engaging and educational activities to teach CVCV Long E word families? Look no further! Our collection of CVCV Long E Interactive Phonics Games is perfect for both remote distance learning and in-classroom use on your interactive whiteboard. Get ready to dive into the world of fun and interactive CVCV Long Vowel phonics games that your kids will absolutely love!

Our Interactive Phonics Games serve as a fantastic digital resource for use in the classroom or during remote learning sessions. Specifically designed to help students master the CVCV and CVCC long vowel sounds (A, E, I, O, U) for both reading and writing, these games provide an engaging platform for phonics instruction.

With our spinner games, you can inject some excitement into your phonics classroom. Watch as your students become fully immersed in learning while having a blast!

Long e Spelling Patterns

Let’s take a closer look at the NO PREP Phonics Spinners for Long e Word Families included in our collection:

  1. -ea: Explore words like “beach,” “leaf,” and “peach” while mastering the long E sound in this word family.
  2. -ee: Dive into words like “bee,” “tree,” and “knee” as you reinforce the long E sound through interactive gameplay.
  3. -ey: Uncover words like “key,” “money,” and “honey” while practising the long E sound within this word family.
  4. -ie: Engage with words like “pie,” “lie,” and “tie” to reinforce the long E sound and its spelling variations.
  5. -y: Discover words like “happy,” “funny,” and “sunny” while exploring the long E sound in this versatile word family.
  6. Mixed Long E Families: Delve into a mix of various Long E word families, providing a comprehensive and engaging phonics practice experience.

These interactive phonics games require no prep work, making them convenient and easy to implement. Simply access them on your chosen device, and your students will be ready to play and learn!

Engaging students in interactive phonics games offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it creates an enjoyable and immersive learning experience, capturing students’ attention and motivating them to actively participate in their phonics journey.

Additionally, these games provide opportunities for independent practice and self-assessment. Students can explore and navigate through the games at their own pace, reinforcing their understanding of CVCV Long E word families.

By incorporating digital resources like interactive phonics games, you can seamlessly transition between the classroom and remote learning environments, ensuring consistent and effective phonics instruction.

So, whether you’re teaching in the classroom or conducting distance learning, our CVCV Long E Interactive Phonics Games are the perfect tool to enhance phonics instruction and engage your students in a fun and meaningful way. Get ready to unlock the world of CVCV Long E word families and watch your students thrive!

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