Christmas Number Playdough Mats

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Our Christmas Number Playdough Mats are a fun festive addition to any EYFS math station.  Perfect for Christmas Number Recognition and Counting 0-30.

Our Christmas Playdough Number Mats focus on developing early years math skills. With these math mats, your children will learn to identify and write numbers 0-30 and count quantities 0-30 using ten frames.

Best of all, our Christmas Number Playdough Mats will help your students build strong number sense skills and fine motor strength too, while learning through Play!

Number Playdough Mats

Download these Christmas number playdough mats to help your students become confident and fluent with numbers 0-30. There are 2 different fonts,

  1. Trace font
  2. Letter formation font

Each font has the following variations:

  1. Number Words 0-30 (No Counting Images)
  2. Number Words 0-30 (Counting Images)
  3. Number Digits 0-30 – Ten Frames (Empty)
  4. Number Digits 0-30 – Ten Frames (Filled)
  5. Get Me & Count Mats

We have a range of Number Playdough mats that come in various themes from, Ants, Ladybirds, Watermelons, Pirates, Unicorns and more! Below you will find our Christmas-themed Number Playdough Mats. Visit our Math Mats Page for more themed Playdough Mats

Christmas Math Mats

Gingerbread Man Number Playdough Mats
Gingerbread Man Number Playdough Mats

0-30 Number Mats - Gingerbread Theme

Christmas Tree Number Playdough Mats
Christmas Tree Number Playdough Mats

0-30 Number Mats - Christmas Tree Theme

Santa’s Sack Number Playdough Mats
Santa’s Sack Number Playdough Mats

0-30 Number Mats - Santa Theme

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