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Looking for fun, interactive, and engaging 2D and 3D Shape Games? Look no further! Our collection of digital shape games is here to make learning the features and names of shapes a blast. Whether you’re in the classroom, doing distance learning, or anywhere in between, these online interactive whiteboard games are perfect for reinforcing shape concepts and keeping your students engaged.

Our 2D and 3D shape games are incredibly versatile and adaptable. They can be used on iPads in math centres, on the interactive whiteboard for whole-class activities, or even during remote learning sessions on laptops or PCs. No matter the setting, these games will bring 2D & 3D shape learning to life!

In these quick-play games, your students will become shape detectives as they sort shapes into true or false categories and practice naming 2D and 3D shapes based on their unique features. It’s a fantastic way for them to develop shape-recognition skills and apply their understanding of shape attributes to real-life objects.

How To Play

  1. Students will be shown an image of a shape embedded in a real-life object.
  2. Their mission is to sort the shapes into the correct category. If the shape belongs to the group, they click the green tick in the blue box. If the shape doesn’t belong, they click the red cross in the red box.
  3. They have three lives and 30 seconds to sort as many shapes as they can. The clock is ticking, so they’ll need to think fast and make quick decisions!

To Play these Games you will need:

  • an internet connection & modern browser, we suggest Google Chrome
  • a digital device like an iPad, interactive whiteboard, laptop or PC
  • the Student Password to share with your students. Note – Only PAID Premium members will be able to access this Student Password

To get the Password To Share With Students:

How to use the QR Code below:

We know getting a class full of students to play the right games can be tricky so we have made it easy for them all to be in the right place at the right time with a QR Code. Simply display this page on your interactive whiteboard and get your students to scan the QR Code below. Once they scan it all the students will be directed to this page and the online math games you want them to play! Nifty!

Use the QR Code to help organise your students.

  • Display this page on your interactive whiteboard
  • Give your students the “Student Access Password”
  • Students scan the QR Code with their device to get to this list of Games
  • Students then Click the image of the game to play

Our games not only help students identify the features of shapes but also encourages them to recognize those features in everyday objects. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to make connections between geometric shapes and the world around them.

So, whether you’re in the classroom or teaching remotely, these 2D and 3D shape games are the perfect resource to engage your students and make shape learning an interactive adventure. Get ready to dive into the world of shapes and watch your students’ shape knowledge soar!

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