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Australian Curriculum Maths Planning Tools For Teachers {Planning Made EASY!}

Our Australian Curriculum Maths Planning Tools For Teachers are an Essential piece of your Teacher Toolkit if you want to save time, be organised and be on top of the game for planning, teaching & assessing your students!

Australian Curriculum Maths Planning Tools Product image

Who remembers when the curriculum came in a set of books that were given to you when you got your first teaching job? Well I do, I remember my shiny set of the OSF Outcomes & Standards Frameworks & Learning Area Progress Maps Books.

I really loved them, well not LOVE LOVE. But I loved the fact that I had something physical that I could use to help me with my planning. They were soooooo convenient.

Dare I admit it… and some of you might think it blasphemous, but I wrote all over mine. GASP horror… and I also added sticky notes, and added scraps of paper, worksheets and folded back the corners to bookmark pages and when it came to planning time my desk was hidden and piled high with them. It was planning Utopia!!!

So you can imagine when we moved to the National Curriculum, that was only available online, I was gutted. Hold the phone … NO BOOKS???? I never did quite get over that day.

I found planning an absolute nightmare, especially trying to do it on school computers in the days of blue cords and no Wi – fi!!! So when I started in my Numeracy Leadership role I started making little planning documents to make sure we were all on the same page. And everyone loved them, so handy and easy to use.

Australian Curriculum Planning Tools Product Image

Fast forward to now, and my massive Best Selling editable Teacher Planners, Organisers and Checklists. You can edit them, save them and best of all PRINT them to put into a file that you can keep in your classroom.

They make planning super easy, no more scrolling, and clicking through screens and a million other tabs opening to try and find what you should be teaching! They will save you hours and hours so you can get down to the fun part of teaching, the activities!

Our Teacher Checklists and Curriculum Planners are used Australia wide by teachers and schools alike. They are tried and tested in the classroom, so you know they’re going to be great!

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Australian Curriculum Maths Planning Tools For Teachers

These Australian Teacher planners are checked and revised every year, so you can put your feet up over the school holidays while we spend hours checking for the changes. If there are any, even one word, we will update the resource for you for as long as you pay your subscription you’ll get the updates! AH-MAZING! 

(If your school is interested in a whole school approach to planning using our products they can obtain a licence here.)

Not only are theses tools awesome for planning, but they are soooo good that the information you collect will help you write your reports with ease! Double Prizes!

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to Planning, Assessing & Teaching so we created 3 different types of Australian Curriculum Maths Planning Tools For Teachers!

As an A Plus Teacher Club Member you can grab them all, they have been designed to work together or independently of each other, it’s up to you! 

We also know that different states use the ACARA version of the National Australian Curriculum differently. With many states adding, tweaking and changing the curriculum completely, to others using the exact same information in their documents.

But we have this covered and have also created versions for all the states in Australia. They are also available individually on our Sister website www.APlusTeachingResources.com.au.

Let’s Take A look At The Different Planning Ranges…

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Editable Teacher Planners Australia

All the Teacher Planners have been colour coded to match up to the colours used on the ACARA website.

This makes them look professional and easier for you to keep things organised.

All our Australian Curriculum Maths Teacher Planners have a yellow cover.

There are 3 different Teacher Planning Tools for teaching Mathematics  for you to try.

  1. Curriculum Organiser Planning Tool
  2. Achievement Standard Kit
  3. Lesson Planner Kit

They are all form fillable, which means you can quickly add information like your class lists, your marking keys and lots of other information too! 

You will need to open the file in the latest version of Adobe Reader DC (free) or you will not be able to edit, save, or print correctly. For use on laptops & PC. Check out our FAQ’s & How to Videos for help downloading, editing & printing.

Australian Curriculum Planning Tools Product Image

Australian Curriculum Organiser Teacher Planner

Our Australian Curriculum Organiser Teacher Planner  is designed to help teachers access, organise and implement the National Australian Curriculum. They are not your run of the mill paper checklists, they are form fillable!

Use this product to:

    • Keep track of what you have taught
    • Identify what to teach next
    • Track your students’ achievement
    • Develop Individual & Group Education Plans
    • Grade your students for reporting
    • Save you TIME, keep you ORGANISED & provide evidence for Performance Management

What’s included:

Maths Learning Area Overview Page that includes:

  • Proficiency Strands
  • Checkboxes for you to tick off when you have taught a Concept Strand, SubStrand & Achievement Standard outcomes

Overview of Mathematics Curriculum Page that includes:

  • Strand, Substrand
  • Content Descriptor Number – VC & AC
  • Content Description

Overview of all Sub Strands  includes:

  • Sub-Strand
  • Content Descriptor Number
  • Content Description
  • Elaborations – please note that ELABORATIONS are not Mandated content, they are suggestions & examples of what to include. We have not copied & pasted the elaborations straight from the AC into this document. Our elaborations are a reminder of the depth of what you need to include in your lesson planning. Our interpretation of the elaboration is the “unpacking” of the Content Description, which makes sure you go into the depth of the content knowledge needed to demonstrate the Content Descriptions. They have been created using GIRN knowledge & training, which makes them more detailed, so they are NOT word for word the elaborations on the curriculum websites.
  • Checkboxes to tick off when you have taught the concept

Editable Student Checklists for every Content Description Broken into separate Elaboration Details 

You can now edit:

      • Your Name, date & class on the cover page
      • Enter students’ names onto the checklists & the document will automatically re-populate all the checklists; you only type the names once!
      • Save, edit, print from your PC and/or laptop
      • You need to open, edit & print the product in the LATEST Version Of  Adobe Reader DC (FREE) (not your Browser view) or it will NOT work.
      • All documents are Secured  PDF – This means there is NO copy, cut & paste, customising, or extracting of the information in this document).
      • For use on Laptops & PC Read ONLY on Tablets

Find Your State so you get the right version and click The images Below To Get your copy.

Click Here For English Organisers F-Year 6

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner - Foundation Years




Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 1

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 2

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 3

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 4

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 5

Australian Curriculum Maths Planner For Year 6

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