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Year 4 Math Vocabulary Printables

Our Year 4 Math Vocabulary Printables are perfect for extending your students’ math vocabulary. Available as Printables, Online Games, Posters & for Distance Learning.

Knowing the extend of students mathematical vocabulary will save a whole world of confusion about a math concept, so a quick 5 minute brainstorm of math words is the perfect way to expose students’ prior knowledge of math words. And we’ve got the Math Vocabulary Resources to get you started! 

Researches have also found that vocabulary is also linked to student achievement levels.

So learning math words is a ‘MUST’ in all my math lessons! 

Research studies by Swan & Dunstan; Hirsh & Nation that found:

  • vocabulary is connected with reading comprehension and is predictor of students’ comprehension
  • Students need to know 90-95% of the words in a text before they can comprehend that text
  • Vocabulary need to be explicitly taught first
  • Students from low socio economic areas need greater support
  • Teaching math vocabulary can help raise student achievement levels
  • Students with high vocabularies are better at mathematical reasoning

So it’s pretty clear that including math vocabulary activities is a winner!

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Year 4 Math Vocabulary Printables

To help you on the mission to build Math vocabulary we created a set of resources including:

  • Printable Math Vocabulary Word Search
  • Vocabulary PowerPoints for Interactive Whiteboards, Google Slides and Distance Learning Platforms
  • Classroom Posters
  • Online Math Words Word searches

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Year 4 Number & Algebra Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Number & Algebra Math Words Word Search & Answers Printable.

Number & Algebra Math Words List 1: properties, odd number, even number, patterns, remainder, digit, rules, ascending order, descending order, decrease, increase, consecutive number, integer, hundred thousand, tens of thousands, ordinal number, numeral, greater than, less than, equal to, calculate, positive, negative.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 2: tenth, hundredth, decimal, multiples, divisible by, divisibility, product, doubling, halving, factor, inverse, million, operation, solve, result, mental strategy, written strategy, partitioning, factor.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 3: algorithm, constant, display, calculator, clear, enter, equivalent, unknown, word problems, common fraction, decimal point, decimal place, equivalent fraction, proportion, fraction family, mixed number, proper fraction, improper fraction, whole, numerator, denominator, decimal fraction, decimal notation, divide by 10, divide by 100.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 4: calculate, deposite, original price, least expensive, purchase price, regular price, sale price, withdraw, change, rounding, transaction, dockets, receipts, counting change.
Number & Algebra Math Words List 5: number pattern, element, repeating pattern, growing, routine growing pattern, non routine growing pattern, missing element, continue, position, number balance, investigate, function, input, output, rule, word problem, semantic structure, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, number sentence, standard partitioning, equation, non standard partitioning, unknown quantity.

Year 4 Measurement & Geometry Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Measurement Math Words Word Search & Answers Printable.

Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 1: centimetres, metres, grams, kilograms, millimetres, litres, degrees, celsius, perimeter, attributes, area, covers, volume, unit, temperature, metric unit, scaled instrument, mass, capacity, length, compare, convert, displacement, overflow, plan, tangram, square centimetres.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 2: breadth, width, depth, standard unit, thermometer, timetable, edge, face, vertice, vertex, vertices, leap year, millennium, millennia, fortnight, decade, century, minute, second, ante meridiem, post meridiem, annual, tile.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 3: decagon, diameter, dodecagon, equilateral triangle, heptagon, regular, irregular, isosceles triangle, oblong, radius, scalene triangle, sketch, diagonal, quadrilateral, trapezium, rhombus, kite, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 4: coordinates, directions, hidden detail, landmark, legend, north east, north west, origin, rotate, set square, south east, south west, transformation, translation, translate front view, top view, side view, scale, key, across axis, up axis, vertical, horizontal, compass.
Measurement & Geometry Math Words List 5: symmetry, symmetrical, line of symmetry, plane of symmetry, asymmetrical, reflection, transparent mirror, right angle, ninety degrees, acute angle, forty five degrees, obtuse angle, reflex angle, straight angle, full rotation, degrees, arms, full turn, straight angle, acute angle, degree, obtuse angle, scale drawing.

Year 4 Statistics & Probability Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Statistics & Probability Math Words Word Search & Answers Printable.

Statistics & Probability Math Words List 1: drawing, tossing, flip, flipped, heads, tails, spins, spinner, times, coin toss, dice, trials, chance, outcome, experiment, repeat, variation, identifying.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 2: likelihood, probably, improbable, very likely, likely, unlikely, equally likely, possible, impossible, even chance, certain, uncertain, either, related, unrelated, probability.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 3: questions, responses, investigations, variable, favourite, data, collect, record, organise, represent, transfer data, topics, survey, none, categories.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 4: lists, tables, graph, charts, data collection, data display, evaluate, data value, data symbol, effective, observation, questionnaire, summarise, survey.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 5: key, one to one, many to one, statement, diagram, frequency, interpret, categories, explain, compare, type, legend.
Statistics & Probability Math Words List 6: picture graphs, pictograph, column graphs, two way tables, tallies, tally mark, axes, axis, bar chart, bar graph, Carroll diagram, column graphs, pie chart, pie graph, venn diagram.

Year 4 Google Slides For Distance Learning

Click the images to download each POWERPOINT file to use on Google Slides, Interactive Whiteboards, Ipads and your distance Learning Platforms.

Year 4 Math Vocabulary Posters

Click the images to download the Classroom Poster Packs to go with these activities. They are a low ink version for you to print onto colour card of your choice. We have a BOHO colour theme set too on our Boho Classroom Decor Page.

Online Vocabulary Games

For ONLINE Interactive Word Search Games Click the images below…

EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 1 Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 2 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Math Games}
Year 3 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}
Year 4 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Learning Fun}
Year 5 Math Vocabulary Games {Online FUN!}
Year 6 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}

More Math Vocabulary Resources

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