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Year 1 Math Vocabulary Printables

Our Year 1 Math Vocabulary Printables are guaranteed to help students’ build their math vocabulary. Posters, Printables & Distance Learning Activities for learning Year 1 Math words! 

I am a BIG fan of spending time “Talking” about maths with my students, especially when revisiting or introducing a new math concept. In this blog post we’ll share with you why you should be too, and the math vocabulary Resources you need to get your started! 

A quick 5 minute brainstorm  of math words and the meaning saves a whole world of confusion and helps the kids feel knowledgable about maths BEFORE they’ve even solved a math problem!  So learning math words and building math vocabulary is a ‘MUST’ in all my math lessons! 

Did you know that there’s a ton of research to support the importance of good math vocabulary and achievement levels? 

Yep! Researchers have found that spending time on building math vocabulary will have a huge impact on student achievement.

 Studies by Swan & Dunstan; Hirsh & Nation found:

  • vocabulary is connected with reading comprehension and is predictor of students’ comprehension
  • Students need to know 90-95% of the words in a text before they can comprehend that text
  • Vocabulary need to be explicitly taught first
  • Students from low socio economic areas need greater support
  • Teaching math vocabulary can help raise student achievement levels
  • Students with high vocabularies are better at mathematical reasoning

So it’s pretty clear that including math vocabulary activities is a winner!

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Year 1 Math Vocabulary Printables

To help you build Math vocabulary with your Year 1 students we created a fet resources that can be used face to face , online or for distance learning. We’v got:

  • Printable Math Vocabulary Word Search Games
  • Distance Learning – Powerpoint for Google slides, Interactive Whiteboards & Ipads
  • Classroom Posters
  • Online Math Words Word searches.

Download them Below

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Year 1 Number & Algebra Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Number & Algebra Math Words Word Searches & Answers Printable.

Number and Algebra Words List 1: count, digit, skip count, forwards, backwards, read, number line, nearest, number sentence, numeral, sequence, exactly, difference between, equal to.
Number and Algebra Words List 2: ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred.
Number and Algebra Words List 3: half way, between, collection, one digit number, exchange, group, join, grouping, tens, ones, split, trade, place value, bundle, two digits.
Number and Algebra Words List 4: partition, estimate, extra, plus, add, addition, counting on, count back, rearrange, parts, subtract, minus, problem, number sentence, quantity.
Number and Algebra Words List 5: equals sign, starting point, subtraction, units, turn arounds, facts, total, sum, take away, altogether.
Number and Algebra Words List 6: part, share, one half, halves, pieces, tally, portion, half, equal parts, whole.
Number and Algebra Words List 7: Australian, money, value, coins, same, different, largest, smallest, worth, most, least, largest, smallest, curved, buy, edges, shopping.
Number and Algebra Words List 8: size, features, cents, dollars, silver, gold, notes, coins, echidna, lyrebird, platypus, kangaroo, aboriginal man, queen, sell, cost, price, how much, change.
Number and Algebra Words List 9: number, pattern, skip count, object, sequence, predict, guess, digit, copy, continue, match, draw, repeat, next number, number pattern.
Number and Algebra Words List 10: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth.

Year 1 Measurement & Geometry Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Measurement & Geometry Math Words Word Searches & Answers Printable.

Measurement & Geometry Words List 1: tall, taller than, long, longer than, same, short, shorter than, holds more, holds less than, holds the same as, fit, compare, direct comparison, indirect comparison, no gaps, no overlaps, heft, unit, measure, wide, width, metre, ruler.
Measurement & Geometry Words List 2: autumn, winter, spring, summer, seasons, calendar, date, month, week, weekday, weekend, fortnight, day, year, hour, minutes, o clock, half past, noon, midday, midnight, half an hour, digital, analogue, clockwise, anti clockwise.
Measurement & Geometry Words List 3: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december.
Measurement & Geometry Words List 4: sorting, classifying, cone, cube, cylinder, circle, triangle, rectangle, corners, square, edge, face, fold, unfold, line, mirror line, point, reflect, reflection, side, round.
Measurement & Geometry Words List 5: clockwise, anti clockwise, paces, steps, forwards, backwards, under, over, left, right, direction, centre, facing, location, middle, located, movement, opposite, position, reflect, sideways, starting position, final position, turn, turning, whole turn, underneath.

Year 1 Statistics & Probability Math Vocabulary Word Search Printables

Click the images to download each Statistics & Probability Math Words Word Searches & Answers Printable.

Statistics & Probability Words List 1: chance, will happen, wont happen, might, certain, uncertain, possible, impossible, likely, unlikely, maybe, probably, sometimes.
Statistics & Probability Words List 2: compare, gather, responses, investigate, collect, represent, categories, describe, count, fewer, greatest, most, least, different, question, favourite.
Statistics & Probability Words List 3: display, represent, data value, one to one, many to one, key, complete, data, group, list, pictograph, picture graph, graph, table, tally, votes, title, heading, information.

Year 1 Google Slide Distance Learning Math Word Searches

Click the images to download each Statistics & Probability Math Words Word Searches & Answers Printable.

Year 1 Math Vocabulary Classroom Posters

Click the images to download the Classroom Poster Packs to go with these activities. They are a low ink version for you to print onto colour card of your choice. We have a BOHO colour theme set too on our Boho Classroom Decor Page.

Math Vocabulary Word Searches ONLINE Games

For ONLINE Interactive Word Search Games Click the images below…

EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 1 Digital Math Vocabulary Games
Year 2 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Math Games}
Year 3 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}
Year 4 Math Vocabulary Games {Online Learning Fun}
Year 5 Math Vocabulary Games {Online FUN!}
Year 6 Math Vocabulary Games {Digital Learning}

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