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Think Board Math Templates

Think Board Math Templates

Think Board Math Templates are the perfect tool for teaching numeracy and getting kids to love learning math. Try them with any age group and for any topic we promise your kids will love them!

Think Board Math Templates

Think boards are visual learning tools that can be used to find out the depth of your students understanding about any concept.  They can be used across the curriculum and can be quickly differentiated to meet student needs.

They can all be used at the various stages of the teaching learning & assessment process, including:

  • Identifying Prior Knowledge
  • Introducing a topic
  • Teaching a topic
  • Independent Learning
  • Study and revision
  • Post Assessment

Benefits Of Math Thinkboards

We especially love using thinkboard templates in our math class and our kids love using them too!

They really help kids feel ‘smarter’ at math because they are not answer centered and give students the chance to demonstrate how much they know, what they need to learn next about a concept.

They are perfect for developing, exploring and practicing a wide range of mathematical skills including:

  • visualizing
  • classifying
  • organizing
  • grouping
  • sorting

Thinkboards are useful tools for teachers. They can be used to easily differentiate tasks and are a great assessment and grading tool. Win Win!

Here’s why they are our go to tool for teaching numeracy:

  • Great for developing vocabulary and math language.
  • Easy to differentiate student needs.
  • Open-ended Tasks.
  • Perfect for groups, partner work and individuals.
  • Provide higher order thinking opportunities.
  • Identify areas of misunderstanding.
  • Hands-on and fun.
  • Improves levels of success for students!

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Problem Solving Thinkboards

Try the F.i.S.H Thinkboard to help your students for problem solving. this download includes posters, blank thinkboards, student desk prompts. (Problems not included)
Try the SOLVE it Thinkboard to help your students for problem solving. this download includes posters, blank thinkboards, student desk prompts. (Problems not included)
Try the RIDE Thinkboard to help your students for problem solving. this download includes posters, blank thinkboards, student desk prompts. (Problems not included)
If you want to help your kids solve math problems try using Newman's error analysis with them. This FREE Template helps your kids solve math problems in 5 easy steps! Get FREE template from our website! #teaching #teachingmath

Math Thinkboards

Transformation Vocabulary Think Boards - Now includes definitions!
12 tried & tested Thinkboard templates for Maths, includes instructions.
Today's Number, Number Sense thinkboards.
If your kids find multiplication tricky, try our thinkboard set. Includes 2 versions
Picture of Coin Sort Thinkboards
Find, sort & categorise Australian Coins with these Thinkboard templates.
8 Coin Thinkboards to help students identify & recognise features of Australian coins
Addition & Subtraction Frayer Boards product image
36 thinkboards to explore & build understanding & vocabulary about addition & subtraction.
Image of 2D Shapes Frayer Model boards
Use these 2D Shapes & vocab Frayer Boards for lesson introductions, cooperative learning activities or assessment. This download includes 40 templates
Number Sorting Frayerboards 0-10
Using Frayer boards is a great way to see if your students really understand & can identify numbers from letters. With this cut, sort & stick pack students sort the different representations of each number 0-10. Includes, digits, words, fingers, subitizing dots, tallies & ten frames.
Skip Counting Classroom Posters are the perfect addition to your classroom decor. Time Saving Resources To help Your kids learn and memorize skip counting patterns.Get FREEBIE from website! #teacherfreebie #skipcounting #numbersense via @Useful1
Build understanding about the skip counting process using our Frayer Model Thinkboards. Perfect for Introducing and assessing skip counting understanding.
4 Frayer Model Thinkboards to help students build understanding of repeated addition. Perfect introduction to early multiplication
Number Thinkboard template for use with whole, decimal or fraction numbers.
Image & Form If Looking For A teaching Resource