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Teaching Resources To Inspire You & Your Students!

Teaching Shapes and Geometry is such a fun and engaging math topic for kids!  There are so many different concepts to cover that will help students develop their skills in identifying the attributes of shapes and objects and how they can be combined or transformed with flip, slide, turns, symmetry, and dilations. Being able to use spatial reasoning and geometric properties to solve problems includes teaching a range of topics from, 2d & 3D shape recognition, nets,, symmetry, tessellations and translations and more.

Click each image to take you to all the games, printables and worksheets for each number concept. Enjoy!


Shape & Geometry Teaching Resources

3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Triangular Prisms
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Rectangular Prisms
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cubes
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Pyramids
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Spheres
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cones
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cylinders
2D Shape Printables
2D Shape Activities {Face to Face And Distance Learning!}
2D and 3D Shapes Games {Remote Learning}
2D Shapes Games Sorting Hexagons
2D Shapes Games Sorting Squares
2D Shapes Games Sorting Rectangles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Ovals
2D Shapes Games Sorting Rhombuses
2D Shapes Games Sorting Circles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Triangles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Pentagons
2D Shapes Games Sorting Octagons
Fun 2d Shapes Puzzles For Teaching Features Of Shapes
Transforming 2D Shapes {Flip, Slide, Turn Geometry}
Shapes Activities {2D & 3D Math Resources}

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