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Hands-On Short O CVC Word Activities

Our Top Quality Short O CVC Words Activities make Learning To Blend & Segment CVC Words So Much FUN. Download Teaching resources to inspire your teaching and your students!

Once students can match letters to sounds, they are ready to be introduced to early reading strategies, and what better way than with our amazing CVC Word Activities and CVC word Families. 

There are literally hundreds of consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words to teach, which sounds daunting, but really isn’t if you teach CVC words in a collection or family. 

So What Are CVC Word Families?

CVC word families are lists of words that have a common, predictable pattern or group of letters with the same sound. For example bat, cat, mat, fat.  

CVC word families all  have the same ending, and they all rhyme. This makes learning a set of words (a word family) easier on beginning readers.

Once students have spotted and heard the predictable pattern they can quickly extend their bank of  know words by using the pattern to create more words in the same family.

Typically CVC Word families are split into Long and short Vowel Sound Families, with the short vowel sounds – a,e,i,o,u being taught first. 

Short O CVC Word Families

Short O Vowel Families include:

ob, od, og, op, ot,

Click each triangle to see a list of words in family.

There is a handy Short O CVC Word List in a PDF version for members to download below 

  • bob
  • cob
  • job
  • mob
  • rob
  • sob
  • cop
  • hop
  • mop
  • pop
  • top
  • pod
  • rod
  • sod
  • cot
  • dot
  • got
  • hot
  • jot
  • lot
  • not
  • pot
  • rot
  • tot
  • bog
  • cog
  • dog
  • fog
  • hog
  • jog
  • log

Short O CVC Word Activities

Short o Family Sounds Town - Sound Sorting Mats - Includes student recording sheet
Short o Word Families- Board Game
Short o Word Families Classroom Posters
Short o Word Families CVC Word Builder Literacy Centre
Short o Word Families Playdough Mats
Short o Word Families Flashcards
Short o Word Families Word Reader Windows
Short o Word Families Spin & Spell Games
Short o Word Families Word Searches
These vowel sorting dogs are so adorable! Your kids will love learning about long and short vowel sounds with these sorting activities. There are 2 dogs per vowel and 2 versions of the sound on bones to sort. We made on version with just the pictures and one with space to write the missing letters!
Short o CVC Word Family Colour Strip Puzzles & Student Sheets
Short o CVC Word Family Strip Puzzles - B&W Make Your Own
Short o Families Spin & Cover Games
Short o Families Say it, Make it, Write it, Spell it game -ot
Short o Families Say it, Make it, Write it, Spell it game -ob
Short o Families Say it, Make it, Write it, Spell it game -op
Short o Families Say it, Make it, Write it, Spell it game -og

Click the images for more CVC Word Families Activities…


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