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SATPIN Activities {Fun Phonics}

Check out the Best SATPIN Activities for some Phonics Fun with your EYFS kids. Teaching beginning sounds has never been easier with our hands-on Letters and Sounds SATPIN teacher printables.

Learning to tell the difference between sounds is a key Early Years literacy skill and the first step in learning to read and write. But getting started with the right phonics activities can be overwhelming!

That’s where we come in with our “Must Have” Letters and Sounds Phonics Games !

With our engaging, hands-on SATPIN Activities you can beat the overwhelm and get your children segmenting and blending effortlessly and without the overwhelm.


So why start introducing Phonics in the SATPIN order instead of alphabetically? Well there’s a good reason, research & evidence! 

Using the SATPIN letters and sounds order means that students progress naturally and quickly from learning letters & sounds to word building. Many first words can be created using combinations of the  SATPIN letter order, e.g. at, sat, pin, pan, tin…  compared to creating words using a,b,c,d,e!

So the SATPIN order is perfect for your phonics program. (And used by Jolly Phonics Too!)

SATPIN letter order is in Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds Synthetics Phonics Program. There are 6 Phases in all, on the DfE website. Children entering Phase Two of the phonics program, have completed Phase One and will have experience with phonics in listening activities, including songs, stories and rhymes.

Phase One students can distinguish between speech sounds and many will be able to blend and segment words orally. If students are unable to do this they are not ready to progress into Phase Two, and will need more time on Phase One.

Phase Two is where the SATPIN sequence is formally introduced. The purpose of Phase Two is to teach at least 19 letters, and move children on from oral blending and segmentation to blending and segmenting with letters to create words.

The original Letters and Sounds program suggested order for teaching letters is slightly different to the combinations used in most classrooms today, but includes the same letters.  The original letters and sounds order consisted of 5 sets of letters:

  • Set 1 – s, a, t, p
  • Set 2 – i, n, m, d
  • Set 3 – g, o, c, k
  • Set 4 – ck, e, u, r
  • Set 5 – h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

Over time this order has evolved into the SATPIN letter order, which includes letter order sets:

  • set 1 – satpin 
  • set 2 – ckehrm 
  • set 3 – dgoulf 
  • set 4 -bjzwvyxq 

In addition to this our research found another set of letter  combinations, including:

  • msta
  • ocdh
  • pifr
  • bjzw
  • vyxq
  • bdua (letter confusion)

Using this research we have developed a stack of Letters and Sounds resources to use in your classroom. There’s posters, clip cards, spinner games, matching cards, sound sorts and more…

Use the SATPIN teaching printables to build an effective phonics program and get your students will learn:

    • s,a,t,p,i,n letters and sounds
    • use  s,a,t,p,i,n, letters to blend and sound words with s,a,t,p,i,n initial sounds. e.g. s-a-t sat
    • segment s,a,t,p,i,n, words
    • use words s,a,t,p,i,n words to create simple sentences

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SATPIN Resources Sneak Peak!

Instructions For Our Interactive Powerpoint Games




To play the games you will need:

  • Powerpoint 2016 or later
  •  They can be used on your interactive Whiteboard, laptops, in Google Slides and i-pads
  • Check out the video tutorial & using this link

SATPIN Activities

SATPIN Sound Town Sorting Game
SATPIN Sounds Game board
SATPIN Colour & Low ink Posters
SATPIN Colour & B&W Strip Puzzles
SATPIN Colour Lowercase Sorting Strips Centre & Student Worksheets
SATPIN B&W Lowercase Sorting Strips Centre & Student Worksheets
SATPIN Odd One Out Clip Cards
Odd one out interactive POWERPOINT/Google Slides Game, or use on ipads & interactive whiteboards.
SATPIN Uppercase spin & colour black & white activity sheets - 9 games
SATPIN Uppercase spin & cover Colour activities - 9 games
SATPIN Lowercase spin & colour black & white activity sheets - 9 games
SATPIN Lowercase spin & cover activities 3-in-a-row wins! - 9 colour games
SATPIN Playdough Mats
SATPIN Matching cards - Caterpillar & Butterfly theme
SATPIN Lowercase letterformation dice games

Initial Letters And Sounds Alphabet Activities

Help your students identify initial, medial and final sounds from A-Z with these phoneme worksheets. A great resource for assessment too!
ABC Phonics Font A-Z Flashcards Product Image
ABC Phonics Font Flash Cards A-Z for snap, matching, memory games, tracing and playdough. Match the Letter to the picture!
Long & Short Vowels Sorting Adorable Dogs Image of Product
These vowel sorting dogs are so adorable! Your kids will love learning about long and short vowel sounds with these sorting activities. There are 2 dogs per vowel and 2 versions of the sound on bones to sort. We made on version with just the pictures and one with space to write the missing letters!
Letters, words, numbers Sorting Phonics Activity literacy center image
This fun popcorn sorting activities is a fun way to learn to identify letters, numbers, words, sentences, synmbols, punctuation, upper & lowercase letters.

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Alphabet & Sounds Playdough Mats
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SATPIN Activities {Fun Phonics}
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Parts Of Speech Activities For Kids {Nouns-Verbs-Adjectives etc..!}
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