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Odd and Even Numbers Printables

Odd and Even Numbers Printables

Our Odd & Even Numbers Printables and Activities  are guaranteed to make learning math Fun for kids. Make your math planning EASY with our MUST HAVE Teacher Resources!

Image Of Odd & Even Activities in a burger theme

Teaching odd and even numbers build on student understandings about skip counting by twos. So it follows that kids who can’t skip count by two’s correctly, that may have difficulty with identifying odd and even numbers.

Teaching skip counting is not just about remembering a chant, 2,4,6,8. Kids who can truly skip count understand that when two is said, it means that a quantity of two has been counted.

They also know that the next number said is four because 2 more have been added to the collection to make a total of four. 

Image Of Skip Counting Printables Burger themed kit

Odd & Even Numbers Printables and Activities

There are two main teaching Focuses needed for teaching kids about odd and even numbers. Students need to be able to :

  1. Identify even numbers using skip counting by twos or by grouping even collections of objects in twos.
  2. Explaining why all numbers that end in the digits 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 are even and that numbers ending in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are odd.

Watch out for students who will continue the skip chant, 2,4,6,8 when counting 7 objects. These are the students who have not made the connection that skip counting is a counting strategy to count pairs of quantities.

Odd & Even Number Printables

Odd & Even Burgers

Odd & Even Addition Burgers

Skip Counting By 2 Odd or Even Activity

Odd Or Even Numbers 100's 1000's & 10,000's

image of burger themed activity for odd and even numbers
12 Burgers & sesame seeds clip cards for identifying odd or even numbers. Included a student recording sheet for added accountability. Or use them laminated in a math center.
addition of odd & Even numbers Burger printables
Learn what happens when you add odd and even numbers with these fun Burger themed clip cards.Includes student recording sheet too.
Classroom Posters of Australian Coins including images, words, numbers & Symbol Representations
Odd or Even Clip cards including 100's, 1000's & 10,000's. Includes a student recording sheet too to keep the kids accountable when using as a center activity.

Odd & Even Sorting Ten Frames

Odd & Even Sushi Master Math Center

Sort numbers 0-20 on ten frames into odd or even with this no prep worksheet. Perfect for an assessment or practice activities (2 versions)
Your year 4 Students will love investigating the properties of odd & even numbers with this Sushi Master Math Center kit. There's 7 DIFFERENTIATED math center activities and student worksheets included. Your students will learn what happens to odd & even numbers when they are added,subtracted, multiplied & divided for outcome Y4 ACMNA071 or Years 5 & 6 revision.


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