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Mental Maths Strategies {No Drill}

Mental Maths Strategies {No Drill}

Looking for Mental Maths Strategies? Then you’re in the right place. Download high quality Teaching Resources guaranteed to get results for your students!

Using timed tests or ‘shoot-out’ activities  are not the way to teach mental maths. This type of activity is focussed on recall and memorization of facts and not on building a range of strategies to call upon when solving mental computation. 

Research from Prof. Jo Boaler proves that these types of programs are causing more harm than good to students; sadly they are also  responsible for students suffering from math anxiety. It’s time to stop using them and start teaching your kids the strategies to solve math problems mentally.

When you take the time to teach students a variety of mental math strategies,  you are equipping them with the skills and confidence to solve more complex math problems in the future.

Strategy focussed mental math teaching programs will help your students become successful at math.

They will also make math sessions enjoyable, exciting and fun for all your learners!

Mental Maths Strategies

The purpose of Mental Math teaching programs is not speed, and there is no evidence that links speed to higher achievement levels.

Instead mental math programs need to Teach:

  • Students a wide range of mental strategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication & division math problems. Before memorizing facts.
  • Which strategy to select to solve a problem efficiently.
  • Good number sense understanding so that students can judge the reasonableness of their answers

After the teaching strategies then programs can focus on:

  • Practicing and applying strategies
  • Building flexibility, fluency and  automaticity to solve problems mentally.

Use these Hands on Teaching Resources to help teach a wide range of mental math strategies.

Addition Mental Math Strategies

Place Value Partitioning 2 Digit Addition

Mental Math Poster for Split Strategy to 2 decimal places. Colour & low ink to print on your patterned paper. Y5 ACMNA291/Y6 ACMNA123

Place Value Partitioning 2 Digit Addition

Split Strategy Poster 2 digits

Place Value Partitioning- 2 Digit Addition Decimals

Split Strategy Poster 1DP

This 2 digit write & wipe activity includes 24 2 digit problems & 8 2 digit word problems to solve. Students are encouraged to use the place value partitioning strategy to work through the problem. This resource teaches your kids to break the numbers into tens and ones then add 10's to 10's and 1's to 1's. Year 2 ACMNA028 & Year 3 ACMNA053
Mental Math Poster for Split Strategy for 2 digit numbers. Colour & low ink to print on your patterned paper Year 2 ACMNA028 & Year 3 ACMNA053
This version of the Mental Split/Partitioning Math addition Strategy is for decimal numbers. A great activity that will help students learn the mental strategy using hands on math. Y5 ACMNA291/Y6 ACMNA123
Mental Math Poster for Split Strategy to 1 decimal Place. Colour & low ink to print on your patterned paper. Y5 ACMNA291/Y6 ACMNA123

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