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Our Math Word Walls are perfect for Classroom Decor as a way to provide build student math vocabulary.

Being able to read and comprehend math vocabulary plays a significant part in students ability and achievement levels in mathematics.

All too often kids are underachieving because of their comprehension and vocabulary skills. 

Research has found that even good readers in Literacy are not necessarily good readers of math questions. 

Math Word Walls

Too many kids get math questions wrong, not because they couldn’t READ the question, but because didn’t understand the context or the vocabulary used in the wording of math problems. 

Teaching mathematical language is an essential part of any math lesson and requires lots of opportunities and activities to help student build their vocabulary.

According to (Swan & Dunston, 2018) teaching vocabulary must be taught in a planned not subconscious way. They say:

  • Vocabulary needs to be directly introduced at the start of a lesson or unit
  • Students need to use the words for themself
  • Dictionary definitions on their own are not enough
  • Include time in lessons for Discussions & Math Talks 
  • Teach origins, roots and word parts

Word Walls can be displayed in the classroom or used as an interactive activity in a center rotation. 

These Math Word Wall visuals will save you some time no matter how you use them making teaching numeracy EASY!

EYFS Math Vocabulary Online Games List 3
Measurement Word Wall {Math Vocabulary Builder}

Image & Form If Looking For A teaching Resource