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Interactive Phonics Games For Distance Learning Fun

Check out these engaging Interactive Phonics Games for some Phonics Fun learning! Teaching the alphabet and intial sounds in the classroom or in the virtual classroom couldn’t be easier with our  self- checking PowerPoint Games. 

Looking for some warm up activities or digital resources  for your phonics lessons then you’ll love these self checking, interactive Powerpoint phonics games.

These interactive phonics games are so versatile, they can be used in so many different ways. Try them on:

  • interactive whiteboards
  • on ipads or computers in your literacy centres
  • For Distance learning in Google slides

These phonics Powerpoint games can be used as an introduction to your chosen inital letter and sound, for a quick warm, as a review or as a time filler.  There so engaging, your kiddos won’t realise their learning phonics!

For phonics printables check out our “Must Have” Letters and Sounds Phonics Games !

With our engaging, interactive phonics games you can beat the overwhelm and get your children segmenting and blending effortlessly!

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Instructions For Our Interactive Powerpoint Games


To play the Powerpoint games you will need:

  • Powerpoint 2016 or later
  • You do not need the internet
  •  They can be used on your interactive Whiteboard, laptops, in Google Slides and i-pads
  • Check out the video tutorial & using this link

Interactive Phonics Games

Click the images below to download these interactive Phonics Powerpoint Activities. Not a member yet? Join Now!

MSTA - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
DGOULF - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
CKEHRM - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
SATPIN - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
MGDOCK- Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
BJZW - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
PIFR - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
OCHD - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game
VYXQ - Odd one out sound PowerPoint game

Click the images for more Phonics Activities…

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