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EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games

These EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games are a brilliant way to help your kids build and extend their list of math words they will see, hear & use during math lessons. Interactive, fun online math games your kids will love.

Reading math questions is very different to reading regular literacy texts.

“Not being able to read the question” is the number 1 reason, given by teachers, for their kids not doing well at maths testing. In this post you’ll get fun math vocabulary Games {Online} to help your kids.

Now not being able to “read the question” is a really surprising statement, as the kids are generally doing well at “reading”. So why do kids find reading math problems difficult?

Why You Need To Teach Math Vocabulary

Reading math questions is very different to reading regular literacy texts. “Not being able to read the question” is the number 1 reason, given by teachers, for their kids not doing well at maths. This is a really surprising, as the kids are generally doing well at “reading”. So why do kids find reading math problems difficult?

There are actually a number of reasons why kids find reading maths difficult that are not linked to reading ages:

  • Math text is not the same as that in novels. It’s dense and includes symbols and graphics.
  • Fewer words are used for setting a context compared to very detailed paragraphs in novels
  • The meaning of words changes significantly in math problems compared to how they are used in everyday life. E.g. volume might mean the sound control on a T.V. remote but in mathematics it is linked to measurement. 
  • Many words in maths have more than one meaning, that changes in different contexts, e.g. square is a shape, but can also be a square number.
  • Some words are unique to maths which means students cannot take an informed guess as to the meaning. E.g. numerator and denominator.

So spending time on building math vocabulary is an important part of mathematical achievement.

In fact much research (Swan & Dunstan; Hirsh & Nation;) has been conducted about the importance of teaching vocabulary and the impact on achievement. The research highlights:

  • vocabulary is connected with reading comprehension and is predictor of students’ comprehension
  • Students need to know 90-95% of the words in a text before they can comprehend that text
  • Vocabulary need to be explicitly taught first
  • Students from low socio economic areas need greater support
  • Teaching math vocabulary can help raise student achievement levels
  • Students with high vocabularies are better at mathematical reasoning

In summary, the benefits of teaching mathematical vocabulary will impact students level of achievement and must be included in every math unit.

EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games

Our EYFS Digital Math Vocabulary Games are a fabulous resource designed to help teach math vocabulary throughout the year.  We created a set of digital word-searches that will help students to recognise mathematical words used throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage of learning.

As well as building a bank of words the wordsearches should be used to facilitate “Number Talks” or “Math Chats” about each mathematical concept.

We grouped the word lists by strand so they can be matched to the concept you’re teaching. And within each strand are math vocabulary lists for each sub strand of learning: 

  • Number & Algebra – 12 wordsearches 
  • Measurement – 7 wordsearches
  • Statistics & Probability (coming soon)

These word search games are interactive and self-checking and have the math words shown on the right-hand side. Just log in and start! Not a VIP Member? then try a Free version below…

FREE Digital Math Vocabulary Game

To play the games you will need:

  • an internet connection
  • a modern browser like Google Chrome or Safari
  • turn your sound on too because many of these games have fun sound effects.
  • The online games open in your browser making them easy to access and use
  • The math word list is on the right. On the left, you will see the letter grid. Search for your words in the letter grade and click  when you have found a word. If it is a correct selection the letters will flip to reveal a colour. If the selection is wrong you will get a red cross. You have 10 lives! 

Click the pink button to try a game for FREE!

EYFS Number & Algebra Math Vocabulary Word Searches

Click the images to play each Number & Algebra Math Words Word search.

EYFS Measurement & Geometry Math Vocabulary Word Searches

EYFS Statistics & Probability Math Vocabulary Word Searches

Online Math Vocabulary games EYFS To Year 6

Click the Images For More Online Vocabulary Games…

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More Math Vocabulary Games EYFS To Year 6

For Printables, Posters & Google Slide Versions Click the Images below…

EYFS Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 1 Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 2 Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 3 Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 4 Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 5 Math Vocabulary Printables
Year 6 Math Vocabulary Printables


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