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Counting Money Math Center Games {Coins & Notes}

Counting Money Math Center Games {Coins & Notes}

Our Counting Coin Collections Math Board Games are just what your kids need for practicing counting and making equivalent amounts of Australian Money! With 24 Money Monster Games your kids will find math a breeze!

Australian money math games Pinterest

Once kids feel confident at recognising and identifying Australian coins, it’s time to teach them about counting small collections and making equivalent amounts.

Teaching these concepts needs lots of practice at counting and handling money… and then some!

So crack open the toy money, and print these SUPER fun Money Monster Games and get started!

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Skip Counting Money

Teaching kids about counting coins is really about teaching them the process of mental repeated addition or skip counting.

When counting money you’re not finding out how many of something there is. You’re actually adding two or more quantities together, on the fly, in your head.

This counting process requires the counter to use repeated addition understandings, and  skip counting number sequence patterns, to find out How MUCH or the Value of the money collection.

So it’s going to follow that the kids who don’t understand skip counting or can’t do mental repeated addition, will find counting coins tricky too!

Young girl learning how to count money

Teaching Kids To Count Money

Teaching kids to count money is a precursor skill to understanding coin & note equivalence. Teaching kids to count money needs to be broken down into activities that allow them to:

  1. Count like coins or like notes
  2. Count mixed coins
  3. Count mixed coins and notes

To be successful at the counting money strategy your students need to be able to:

  • Recognise the coins or what they are counting – (Related Post: Coin Recognition activities are here)
  • Physically sort & organise coins for counting
  • Count the coins accurately 
  • Calculate the total of the count correctly

in all 3 situations.

Counting Money Math Center Games {Coins & Notes}

After our extensive research into teaching money using our favourite Money books by, Dr. Paul Swan, we created a set of fun and engaging Money Monster themed resources. Your kids will love these counting money math center games {coins & Notes}. We guarantee that they will cover these skills to help them ACE counting money!

They are all low prep games, just print onto A4 or enlarge to A3, laminate and GO! The Money Monster Money Games are spinner games. If you have spinners that’s great or you can just use a paperclip and a pencil instead!

Make sure you Click each image to download them ALL!

  1. Money Monsters Money Values includes 3 differentiated versions in colour – values in numbers, decimal numbers and words  $0.05, 5c, five cents. There’s even a B&W student sheet too, perfect for sending home for extra practice.
  2. Skip Counting Mixed Coins – Money Monsters 2 – 3 differentiated versions created for partners to work together. Use plastic coins or the paper versions included in the download.
  3. Skip Counting The Same Coins is the aim of Money Monster Game 3. There’s a B & W Student Sheet to help the kids work out the value by skip counting. The B&W version can be used with a dice at home for additional practice.

And don’t forget to check out the other money activities too to help you differentiate your money unit. –

  1. Teaching Australian Coins
  2. Teaching Australian Notes
Monster Money Math Games For Australian Money Image
Money Monsters 1 contains 3 games for practicing matching Australian coins & notes to money values. We haven't made it easy though, we have hidden some of the obvious features of the coins to make the kids apply their coin recognition knowledge to find them. Practice matching 3 versions of written values - $0.05, 5c and five cents. There's also a B & W Student recording sheet that can be used as a stand alone activity or as part of the game, it's up to you!
Skip Counting Coins Monster Math Games image
Money Monsters 2 Contains 3 versions of this partners spinner math game. Kids spin the first spinner to find out which coin to count then the second spinner to find out how many coins they need. Great activity for building skip counting & mental repeated addition of money. Included B&W coin sheet or you can use plastic money.
Skip Counting Coins Monster Math Game image of game
**UPDATED** Money Monsters Skip Counting the same coin Spinner games for independent work. Students spin the spinner to determine how many coins they need to count. Answer the questions and then go again. The B&W sheet can be laminated to help kids work out the value of the coins, or as a homework sheet.
Money Monsters Game Skip Counting notes image
Money Monster Skip Counting the same Notes version. Also includes B&W versions for use with a dice at home.
Australian Money monster Games For equivalent Amounts Image
In this Money Monsters Printables Pack there's Boards for Kids To make equivalent amounts from 10c-$5
Counting Money Board Games
Take Roll the dice and move along the board. Count the money and collect the right amount of coins. Continue until you reach the end of the game. The player with the most value wins! Includes B&W version for student accountability or homework.

Click the images below for MORE Money Activities.

Australian Money Notes images
More Activities For teaching Australian Notes
Teaching Money lesson plans and activities for teachers
More Activities For Teaching Coin Recognition
counting money math center games coins notes


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