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All About Me Teaching Resources (Early Years Topic)

Our “All About Me” Teaching Resources Are just what you need for getting to know all about your Early Years & EYLF students. Perfect ice-breaker activities for back-to-school!

Help your children settle into a new school year with our All About Me worksheets and activities.

The All About Me theme is a great way for young children to learn and share more about themselves as well as find out more about others too.

They’re ideal activities to help your kids to calm the first day jitters, break the ice and make new friends!

The theme is broad and can be integrated into many of the key learning areas, particularly; Health, History and Geography.

Issues related to children aged 3-5 include:

Everyone is unique. That means each person is different from others. We may look similar, have eyes, a nose, can sing, dance, laugh and cry; but we are all different. 

We are all good at something. 

As we grow our body changes, and what we can do increases too. We become more independent and try new things. We become better at tasks and can manage our feelings and behaviour.

Our feelings are an important part of us. We can show others how we are feeling by what we do, how we move, and in our face. We feel different emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, worry and excitement.

There are 5 senses and we use them to find out about the world around us.

  • There are ways we can protect our sensory organs.
  • Some things are not safe to touch, taste, smell
  • Some people have lost their ability to use one or more of their senses.

Students explore & become aware of their major external organs, internal organs and what their body can do.

  • Different parts of the body help us do different things
  • We need to take care of our bodies to keep it healthy.


A Family is a domestic group of two or more people who live together, share with one another and care & support each other. Concepts include:

  • Families are made up of different people and come in different sizes
  • Families live in homes
  • Families love & care for each other
  • Families have similarities & differences
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins are members of an extended family


We have a variety of “All About Me” teaching resources that will help students to share descriptions of themselves, including what they look like, their favourite things and their family. There’s even 5 senses activities too!

This collection of all about me teaching resources includes a range of posters, worksheets and hands-on activities suitable for Preschool, EYLF, Foundation, Kindergarten and Preprimary.

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All About Me Teaching Resources

Going Back-To-School? Check out these fun kids activities for the topic “All About Me!” There are so many activities that will help your students settle into the first week of school.

There’s something for everyone, from Preschool, Kindergarten, EYFS, and more. They’re fun, Colourful and great for display too! 

Please note our resources cannot be used on Outschool.

My Family Camera Flip Book Craft Activity is a fun way to share how families are the same & different. Students create a flip book all about who's in their family, what language they speak, what they like to do and more!Includes display letters & bulletin board borders too!

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Counting & Number Recognition 1-20 on tens frames - My Family & Home Theme.

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Pocket Houses Counting Mats Math Centre Activity for numbers 1-20. Students match the right number of peole to the number on the door of each house. Great for number recognition & Counting.
Another set of different family members to go with the Family Counting Mats.

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To download this content please Purchase a current membership.

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This set of Family Tree Templates is all you need to create a beautiful display and to help students learn about their families. Perfect for Back-To-School! Also includes Bulletin Board Letters, borders & Display pieces.
Pocket Houses for creating My Family Craft- Includes 3 colour versions & B&W templates, simple to make & looks great. You will need the people too in sets 2&3 to make the puppets to go in the pockets!
Set 2 Colour versions of People in My Family.
Set 3 - B&W people in my family images. 2, designs full lined images and faces blanked out. So many variations & uses. Puppet making & colouring in.
This is Me Portrait Activity perfect for displaying in the classroom & getting to know everyone's names! Theres so many options in this set including colour & B&W and blank face templates too!
Another FUN activity for the "About Me" Topic, perfect for Fine motor strength. Build a face with playdough and learn the parts of a face at the same time. This one is BIG there's 44 activities!
How Cute is this "What I Like About Me" Mirror Craft? It's a great way to celebrate how we are the same & different & goes so well with the Picture Book too! Includes Templates and Bulletin Board Display borders, Letters & Display pieces!
This gorgeous All About Me Rainbow Cloud is a wonderful activity for getting to know your students. there's so many different options included as well as Bulletin Board Pieces Too for a bright classroom display!

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