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3 Levels Of Australian Government {Year 6 Civics & Citizenship}

3 Levels Of Australian Government {Year 6 Civics & Citizenship}

Teaching the 3 levels of Australian Government can be tricky to explain to your kids as well as being a little uninspiring. Get your kids motivated to learn about Roles & Responsibilities of Government with our engaging Year 6 Civics & Citizenship teaching resources!

The content of the civics and citizenship sub-strand allows students to develop understanding about government and democracy, laws and citizens and citizenship, diversity and identity.

Civics & Citizenship teaching programs teach students about the key institutions of Australia’s democratic government, including state/territory and federal parliaments, and the responsibilities of electors and representatives.

They will be learning about:

  • Laws – How state/territory and federal laws are made in a parliamentary system.
  • Citizenship & Identity –  Australian citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens
  • Citizenship, Diversity & Identity – explore the obligations that people may have as global citizens

Civics & Citizenship Inquiry Questions:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government in Australia?
  • How are laws developed in Australia?
  • What does it mean to be an Australian citizen?

What To Teach - 3 Levels of Australian Government

We’ve had a dig around the different State curriculum docs and have discovered that everyone, is on the same page with this one. Although Victoria has tweaked their wording & Content Description number a little, all states focus on the  Inquiry Question:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government in Australia?

and the Content descriptor (all States except Victoria)

  • ACHASSK144  – The roles and responsibilities of Australia’s three levels of government

For Victorian Teachers

  • VCCCG008- Discuss the values, principles and institutions that underpin Australia’s democratic forms of government and explain how this system is influenced by the Westminster system 

So here’s what you need to include:

  • The Australian Government is a Federation, which means that power is shared over 3 separate levels of government
  • The three levels of government work together to provide us with the services we need.

    The three levels are:

    • federal—Australian—Parliament, in Canberra
    • state and territory parliaments, in each state and territory capital city
    • local councils—also called shires or municipalities—across Australia.

Each Level of government has it’s own Roles and Responsibilities


  • Federal government raises money to run the country by collecting taxes on incomes, goods and services, and company profits, and spends it on national matters.
  • State and territory governments also raise money from taxes but receive more than half their money from the federal government and spend it on state and territory matters.
  • Local councils collect taxes—rates—from all local property owners and receive grants from federal, state and territory governments, and spend this on local matters


Federal Government – Responsible for national  issues that affect all Australians 

    • Defence
    • Income tax
    • Immigration
    • Social Welfare
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Industrial Relations
    • Currency
    • Trade

State Government -Responsible for issues that affect people in that state or territory 

    • Public Transport
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Electricity
    • Police & Ambulance
    • Public Housing
    • Justice
    • Consumer Affairs
    • Forestry
    • Main Roads

Local Government – Responsible for issues that affect local communities

    • Rubbish Collection & Recycling
    • Parks, Sports Fields & Swimming Pools
    • Pet Control
    • Local Roads
    • Libraries & Art Galleries
    • Building Regulations
    • Land Sub-divisions

Information from Australian Electoral Commission & Parliamentary Education 

Check out this fun BTN video to help you explain the 3 levels of government with the help of 3 Superheroes, Federal Woman, State Man & Local Boy!  It”s a fun explanation of who’s responsible for what. (click the image to watch the 3 minute video).

3 Levels Od Australian Government Teaching Resources

This fun triorama craft is a great way for students to learn about the 3 levels of government and it looks amazing too!

Check out the 2 versions of this activity:

  1. One template filled with the information, students just decorate the templates.
  2. Version two contains cut & sort information for students to read, decorate & stick onto the correct part of the triorama.

Both sets have the teacher notes and we’ve added a separate set of instructions so you can use the triorama for any topic, not just the 3 levels of government! 

Click each image to download our teacher resources for teaching 3 Levels of Australian Government. Please note our resources cannot be used on Outschool.

3 levels of Government Sorting Roles & Responsibilities Game & Student Sheet
3 levels of Government tPosters & Bulletin Board Display (Superhero)
3 levels of Government triorama craft. Pre-filled template & Teacher notes
3 levels of Government triorama craft. Empty template & Teacher notes
Instructions for how to make 3 Levels of government triorama


Image & Form If Looking For A teaching Resource