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2D and 3D Shapes Games {Remote Learning}

Need Fun, Interactive and engaging 2D and 3D Shapes Games? Check these out for learning the features and names of shapes. Perfect for distance online learning! 

Our 2D and 3D shapes games are such a flexible resource. Use them in the classroom on ipads in a math centre or on the interactive whiteboard in a whole class activity. These shape math games can also be used as part of a remote learning session on your laptop or PC too.

With these quick play games your students will learn to sort shapes into True or False categories and become comfortable at naming 2d and 3d shapes using their understanding of shape features.

To Play:

  • Students will be shown an image of a shape in a real life object.
  • They sort the shapes into the correct category by clicking the green tick in the blue box if it belongs to the group or the red cross in the red box if the shape doesn’t belong.
  • They get 3 lives and 30 seconds to sort as many shapes as they can.

It a great way to identify the features of shapes and recognise the features inreal life objects.

To play our 2D and 3D Shapes Games You need:

  • Internet
  • Laptop, ipad, PC or interactive whiteboard

Try the Sorting Circles Game below For Free!

FREE Sorting Circles Interactive Whiteboard Game

To play the games you will need:

  • an internet connection
  • a modern browser like Google Chrome or Safari
  • turn your sound on too because many of these games have fun sound effects.
  • The online games open in your browser making them easy to access and use
  • Click the pink button to try a game for FREE!

Click the images below and start playing. 

2D Shapes Games Sorting Hexagons
2D Shapes Games Sorting Squares
2D Shapes Games Sorting Rectangles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Ovals
2D Shapes Games Sorting Rhombuses
2D Shapes Games Sorting Circles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Triangles
2D Shapes Games Sorting Pentagons
2D Shapes Games Sorting Octagons

3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Triangular Prisms
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Rectangular Prisms
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cubes
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Pyramids
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Spheres
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cones
3D Shapes Online Games Sorting Cylinders


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